The Voice UK 2012: Joelle Moss knocks out Jenny Jones

joelle and jenny the voiceFirst in the ring for the Battle Round sing-off on The Voice tonight was Joelle Moses up against Jenny Jones. After a close contest, it was Joelle Moses who made it through to The Voice UK live.

Their coach challenged them to sing Chaka Khan’s ‘I’m Every Woman’ against each other as he felt they’re both ‘mega divas in the making’.

During rehearsals, Joelle seemed slightly intimidated by Jenny’s loud projections, with Jenny commenting: “I did get a vibe that she might be a little bit scared. I’ve really got a chance to do this now.”

However, she came in to her own during the performance, so much so that it made Danny O’Donoghue described her performance as ‘flawless’.

Jessie J noted: “Joelle you came out stronger straight away, but Jenny you grew in to it. I heard little vibes in your voice that were unique.”

But it was down to Will to make the final decision. “When we were at rehearsals, Joelle you came in like you had no competition, and then Jenny, she surprised you to the point where it made you feel like you probably weren’t gonna win.

“Joelle, there was this one particular moment where it was like power and you tipped it off with you gentle note. That blew me away. But Jenny was smashing it, punching, she was knocking you out.

“This is a hard one. But you came through Joelle and I want you to come with me to the live sessions.”