Harry Styles Sexy Boxer Shorts photo

While some of this band mates are feeling homesick and lovesick, Harry Styles from One Direction seem to be having the time of his life.

He appears more cheerful and relaxed than the other band members and just love to get his kit off at every opportunity.

He is confident about his looks and in this and recent pictures he looks as those he has been spending time in the gym given his lean physique.

harry styles sexy underware photoHere he is seen modeling a pair of cool boxers shorts from a scene taken from the long-awaited “Up All Night – The Live Tour DVD: Behind The Scenes”.

The DVD is currently available to preorder and promoting it to their fans, One Direction revealed that the DVD contains scenes of Styles showing off his abs in just some skimpy underwear.

Niall posted the video below on Facebook, with the comment:

“As we promised here is……#harryinhispants”



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  1. Harry looks good in those lol he is so cute XD 😛 😛 😛 and i told my friend he doesnt have four nipples 😛 or does he????

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