Justin Bieber set to collaborate with One Direction on a new song

One Direction and Justin bieber new song

It seems that One Direction have not only caught the eye of all the teenage girls in America, but it seem Justin Bieber have been keeping on eye on Britain’s latest pop export too.

According to reports,  the teen sensation has been blown away by the reaction the 2010 UK  X Factor stars have received during their recent US tour and is reportedly considering working with boys on a new song.

Bieber’s manager has admitted that Justin would consider working with One Direction in the interest of both sets of fans, but the One D. boys are in demand, as it seem Nickelodeon stars Big Time Rush may also want to work with the band.

One Direction have become close pals with the American group, after they spent the last month supporting them on their North American tour.

Last week, a twitter fan asked Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun whether a 1D / Bieber mashup could be on the cards. He replied:

“Very possible. he likes them and thinks they are good dudes.

“all people of that generation should be there to help EACHOTHER.”

Big Time Rush member Carlos Pena also admitted that One Direction would be hitting the studio with them and told Teen magazine:

“There’s gonna be a special video coming out with us and 1D. I’m not sure if you saw the Call Me Maybe video, but we’re making one with a special song that I can’t tell you about, but it’s gonna be us and them. It’s gonna be pretty crazy.”

One Direction, co-starred in Nickelodeon’s Big Time Movie, which went on in the states last night and One Direction asked their fans for their reaction to  the film, tweeting:

Hope you enjoyed watching 1D host @NickelodeonTV tonight & @Bigtimerush’s #BigTimeMovie! What was your favorite part? 1DHQ X