Tom Jones does not want freaks to appear on the new BBC talent show The Voice

Tom Jones The VoiceInternational singing superstar Tom Jones said there won’t be any ‘freaks’ on The Voice UK.

Speaking to  Digital Spy, Jones said he only signed up to be a coach on the new BBC One talent show when he was sure that it emphasized the ‘quality of sound’.

The singer stated: “This is the BBC. It’s a fine institution. We don’t have any freaks on our shows. No, no, there won’t be any freaks.

“When I was asked to do this show, I wanted to know all the details. I wanted to know who the judges were, who the production team were and who the band were… because sometimes on television, they are more interested in pictures rather than the quality of sound.

“That was a big thing for me and this show has that.”

He continued: “The first thing that you have to have is the basic talent. People ask me if it was about my looks when I started or the way I did things on stage, but to get my records played they had to like my voice.

“They hear your voice before they know what you look like and you put something forward. That’s what attracted me to this show. Getting back to hearing someone’s voice first.”

During the show’s auditions, hopefuls perform to Tom and his fellow judges, Jessie J and Danny O’Donoghue while their backs are turned, so they can only be judged on their vocal ability.

The Voice UK will go head to head with ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent on the March 24th.