Young Apprentice 2011: Lord Sugar Fires Gbemi Okunola

gbemi okunlola fired by Lord SugarGbemi Okunola has become the fifth candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar in the Young Apprentice this series.

In this week’s task the candidates had to design and brand their own range of deodorant. The youngsters had to film a TV ad for the product, before pitching it to industry expects.

Both teams ended up with two very good adverts – a point that Lord Sugar highlighted in the boardroom – but in the end it was product design that determined the winner.

Team Atomic – led by Zara – were announced as the winners with their male skewed deodorant RAW while Kinetic – led by Harry M – were criticised for the design and selling point flaws in their female targeted product Vanity.

On return to the boardroom, Harry M tried to pin the arguments in the group on James: “This team were quite a hard team to manage but they gelled together under my leadership… James you tried to cause trouble every step of the way.”

Harry M decided to bring back Gbemi for her poor product design and James for his disruptions but back in the boardroom the onslaught against the PM continued.

Gbemi when on the attack and blasted Harry M: “You didn’t listen to anyone else in the team! It is not all about you Harry M it is about the people in the team as well.”

However, Gbemi continue to defend her product design throughout the debate even when Lord Sugar pointed out that it was not very good.

Lord Sugar made up his mind and delivered his final verdict: “Harry this is the fifth time you have been in the losing team, there’s got to be a reason.

“James you came into this process like a bull in a china shop but you have improved.

“Gbemi, you’re a designer and it is in my opinion the main culprit in the failure of this task. Because of that serious design error, Gbemi – You’re Fired!”

As she was driven away Gbemi said: “This definitely isn’t going to put me off the designing that I do. With every mistake I make I learn to make it 100 times better.”