Young Apprentice 2011: Lewis Roman and Hannah Richards romance

lewis roman datingLewis Roman and Hannah Richards might have left the Young Apprentice series without winning the cash prize, but if reports are to be believed, they have won each others hearts.

The teenagers had been reportedly “secretly dating”,  during the show whilst filming the series earlier this year in the summer.

But now both have been fired, they’ve been able to open up about their relationship.

“They got together straight away. They tried to hide it from the cameras and show chaperones but it was obvious,” a source said. “When Hannah was fired, Lewis was devastated. The next week he was really down and distracted and that led to him getting his marching orders.

“Lord Sugar had warned everyone they were on the show for business reasons and not romance. But even he can’t stop teenagers from being teenagers.”

The couple, who live miles apart, have been travelling back and forth across the country to see one another.

“It’s been difficult for Lewis and Hannah to make the long-distance relationship work. They have been on the phone to each other racking up huge bills,” the source told The Sun.hannahrichards

“They’re still incredibly close five months later and can’t deny their feelings.”

But it seems like it wasn’t only Lewis who was taken by Hannah, with Harry H also admititng feelings for the 16-year-old!

The source added: “Hannah was flattered Harry liked her but she only had eyes for one businessman.”