Got To Dance 2011: Got To Dance Series 2 Auditions Episode 7 Week 4

Go To DanceThe search for the nation’s best dance act continues as Davina McCall and the Judges, Ashley Banjo, Adam Garcia and Kimberly Wyatt travel to Dublin, Glasgow and London looking for an act who could win the £250,000 prize fund.

In this episode the auditions came to a close with the final contestants battling it out in their attempt to make the judges shortlist.

A familiar face appeared among the contestants quite unexpectedly. It was none other than last year’s winner 11 year old Akai. He was not there to audition again however, he came to support his sister who decided to audition for the first time.

However, if there is a stage and Akai is near by, then surely he has to show us a few moves. We are please to say he did not disappoint. Akai, his sister Ashanti and judge Ashley Banjo took to the stage – encouraged by Devina – and did a mini dance-off. Well, we hope we are not going to upset any Diversity fans out there, but we think Akai was in our view the clear winner.

These are the acts that caught our eye in this episode:

27 year old Turbo (aka Issac Batiste) is a break dancer that amazed the judges with his unique style of hip hop and popping new style dance.

Turbo has been dancing since he was 4 years old and in the past 9 years have been teaching children to dance. A lot of his time is spent running dance workshops for youths in detention centers that have been causing a lot of trouble on the streets …Read More.

Bollywood dance troupe Bolly-Flex, received a standing ovation from all three judges at their Got To Dance audition.

The group delivered a dazzling and energetic display of east meets west in their fusion of Bollywood dance that was just amazing to see…Read More.

Cerebro, a street dance crew formed 2 years ago wowed the judges and audience at their audition on Sky One Got To Dance.

The crew are age 21 to 26 and was last to perform in the Got To Dance auditions on Sunday night. When they appeared on screen we were all asking the same question – Have they saved the best till last? And the answer…. Yes They Have! …Read More

Other acts that made the judges shortlist in this episode included:


13 year old Ashani, the older sister of last years winner Akai, made it onto the judges shortlist with three gold stars with her brand of Street Dance, the young girls way.

Guys In Sync

These guys age between 27 to 50, strut their stuff on stage to a George Michael classic track. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they camped up their ballroom dance with a Latin twist routine sufficiently to make the shortlist with 3 gold stars.

God’s Gift

A street dance crew of 6 lads age 16 to 20 that are all Christian. They made it onto the shortlist with 3 gold stars. Some might say it was all due to him upstairs, others would say it was all about their talent.


A young Bollywood dance troupe age 11 to 14. They made it through with 3 gold stars, but for us they are work in progress. We would love to see them again in the future to see how they compare to Bolly-Flex.

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  1. on friday the 4th of febuary i saw akai and ashanti in thier shop and akai came to me and i asked him for his autograph also ashanti and we became friends!!!!!!!

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