Got To Dance 2011: Cerebro Took Got To Dance By Storm

Cerebro,  a street dance crew formed 2 years ago wowed the judges and audience at their audition on Sky One Got To Dance.


The crew are age 21 to 26 and was last to perform in the Got To Dance auditions on Sunday night. When they appeared on screen we were all asking the same question – Have they saved the best till last?  And the answer…. Yes They Have!

These guys were amazing!  We have seen some very good dance crews in this series of Got To Dance, but these guys were on another level. In our view they are real competition for the likes of Flawless and Diversity. We loved them, but before we get too carried away, what did the judges make of them? Well, this is what they had to say:

Ashley: “Cerebro, I thought I would let you know that I pressed gold about 20 seconds in. If I had anymore buttons I would have pressed gold at least another 5 times. What I love about you guys is that you bring your own grove, you bring your own style, you bring your own energy and it is just a complete performance. You are entertainers as well as dancers which is tough. I just love you guys, your style, your persona and I think you are really strong in this competition.”

Kimberley: “That was unbelievable! It was insane. Some of the tricks you were doing with the formations that were moving with them, so innovative, super creative, I think that you guys set your self apart from every other act out there. Really well done.

Adam: “That was a complete performance. It was so good to see. You guys amazed me. “

Cerebro sailed through to the next round with 3 gold stars. Will they win? Check out their video below: