Got To Dance 2011: A Standing Ovation For Bolly-Flex At Their Got To Dance Audition

Bollywood dance troupe Bolly-Flex, received a standing ovation from all three judges at their Got To Dance audition.


The group delivered a dazzling and energetic display of east meets west in their fusion of Bollywood dance that was just amazing to see.

Before taking to the stage they said: “Bollywood is not a style, it is a genera. Bollywood is not just about the shoulder turning and the light bulb changing. There is so much more to it; it is fiery with a passionate side to it that people don’t get to see. We have got an amazing piece, it is an east turning into to west piece, it is a fusion piece.”

After they delivered their performance, all three judges were blown away by what they saw. Ashley Banjo said: “When people come up to me and say Ashley as a judge what do you look for? I am just going to turn to them and say to search for Bolly-Flex, watch it and do that! You gave us formation, you gave us difficulty, you gave us choreography, you gave us a show.”

Bolly-Flex made the judges short list with 3 gold stars. Check out their performance video below.