Got To Dance 2011: Alleviate Delivered an Unbelievable Performance at Their Audition


Nicolette and Renako met at dance school three years ago. Nicolette comes from a small village in Wales and Renako comes from South London and together they perform as contemporary dance duo Alleviate.

Although the duo are from different backgrounds they have an appreciation for the same style of dance but they insist that they are no more than dance partners – “We obviously are very good friends however there has never been any romance between us.”

However, once on stage they showed amazing chemistry in their dance that impressed all the judges. As a contemporary dance duo they were keen to impress Kimberly Wyatt and impressed they did.

After they were awarded 3 gold stars for their performance, Kimberly said: “Where you surprised? These are the moments I live for on Got To Dance. You just made this competition very exciting, it was really unbelievable. You are just both unbelievable dancers; the connection between both of you for the entire piece took me to another place, it was amazing.”

Check out their performance below: