Got To Dance 2011: B-Boy Silk Impressed Second Time Around At His Audition

B-Boy Silk

B-Boy Silk, a  21 year old break dancer from Hampshire, auditioned for Got To Dance last year but had an asthma attack on stage and failed to make it pass the audition stage.

This year B-Boy Silk has been training hard and has returned to prove he can dance without his asthma. In his VT he said if he could get at least one gold star from Kimberley he would be happy.

As Davina questions him on how he think he can improve this year he claims “I’m stronger, got more moves, and hopefully I don’t’ die” to which Davina retorts “Yeah, that would be great – if you could please not die on my watch! Seriously – fit and healthy?” B boy reassures her “Yep, just nervous” and heads onto the stage.

B-Boy Silk took to the stage and gave a very strong performance and made it onto the judges short list with 3 gold stars.

Kimberley Wyatt told him: “What a difference. You were incredible this time. Absolutely brilliant, inspiring, I mean you look like a different person.”