Got To Dance 2011: Kimberley Wyatt Changed Her Mind On Bam Bam Boogies

Bam Bam Boogies are an old school funk and hip hop group of 12 street dancers age 13-17 year olds from Chelmsford in Essex.
Bam Bam
The group spend 3 hours every Saturday going through their intense routines at rehearsals. Although the groups consist of boys and girls they insist that there are no relationships as yet in the group as they are very focused on their dancing.

Before taking to the stage one of the members had been feeling unwell so Davina gave her a “Davina calming hug” to help calm her nerves.

Following their energetic dance routine that was very old school but nonetheless entertaining. Only Ashley Banjo was initially impressed on the judging panel, awarding the group a gold star.

An anxious wait then ensues for the group as they wait to here the judge’s comments. However, Ashley and Adam were left reeling when it is Kimberly who changed her mind and award the group a gold star. Ashley exclaims “that has never happened before! You changing your mind!” and Adam cheekily asks “could you please give us back the real Kimberly?”

Bam Bam Boogies made the judges shortlist with 2 gold stars, but the group will have to inject the wow factor and be more creative in their next performance if they are to please Kimberly and Adam. But for what it is worth, we liked them a lot.