Nigella Lawson chocolate chip cookie dough pots recipe on Simply Nigella

Nigella Lawson served up chocolate chip cookie dough pots on Simply Nigella.

Nigella says: “My children love a chocolate chip cookie so gooey on the inside that I can’t really make the outside firm enough to let the cookies keep integrity of form. This, then, is the solution: a cookie dough you bake in a little dish, and then eat with a spoon, dolloped with ice cream or creme fraîche as desired.”

The ingredients are: 150g plain flour, ½ tsp fine sea salt, ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda, 110g soft unsalted butter, 85g soft light brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla paste or extract, 1 large free-range egg, 170g dark chocolate chips and ice cream or, crème fraiche, to serve.

The recipe is taken from Nigella’s book titled: Simply Nigella: Feel Good Food, available from Amazon now.