Raymond Blanc frozen strawberry tartlet recipe on Kew on a Plate

Raymond Blanc make frozen strawberry tartlets with vanilla whipped cream and meringue on Kew on a Plate.

Raymond says: “A new dish is always an exciting and rewarding moment for any cook, but there is a lot of trial and error to get it just right. After countless re-working, I think this recipe is the perfect iced tart. It’s a little bit demanding but worth the challenge – both in terms of appearance and flavour.”

The ingredients for the sorbet: 450g strawberries (my favourites are Buddy, Gariguette, Royal Sovereign or Mara des Bois), stalks removed, 1 tsp stevia powder and dash of lemon juice.

For the tart filling: 200g strawberries (Buddy, Gariguette, Royal Sovereign or Mara des Bois), cut into small dice and large pinch of stevia powder.

For the crème Chantilly: 100g whipping cream, large pinch of stevia powder and ½ tsp vanilla purée or good-quality vanilla extract.

To serve: 50g miniature meringues, crush 4–6 of them, 100g low-sugar strawberry jam, 4 mint sprigs and 6 strawberries, halved.