James Tanner Spinach goat’s cheese soufflé pancakes with grain mustard sauce recipe on Lorraine

James Tanner serves up spinach goat’s cheese soufflé pancakes with grain mustard sauce on Lorraine.

The ingredients for the pancakes ingredients: 180g plain flour, 1 full egg, 2 egg yolks, 375ml milk, 45g of melted butter, Pinch of salt and Pinch of sugar.

Filling ingredients: 2 egg whites, 2 large handfuls of spinach, 100g goats cheese, 80ml whipping cream and 1 tsp butter.

Sauce ingredients: 1 dsp grain mustard, 1 diced shallot, 100ml white wine, 100ml whipping cream and tbsp chopped chives.

To prepare the pan cakes, whisk all the ingredients (flour, egg, egg yolks, butter, salt, sugar and milk) together except for half the milk, when mix is smooth add remainder of milk, strain and set aside.

Heat non stick frying to a medium heat then add a splash of oil. After coating the pan drain of excess oil then add a small amount of pancake batter making sure it coats the pan.

Cook for around 40 seconds turn over then cook other side, lay pancakes on grease proof paper to use later.