Sabrina Ghayour Persian lamb and sour cherry meatballs recipe on The Lunch Box

Sabrina Ghayour serves up Persian lamb and sour cherry meatballs served with a Turkish yoghurt and flat bread for the young cooks to try and replicate on The Munch Box.

The ingredients are: minced lamb 500g, onion 1, minced or very finely chopped, large free-range eggs 2, dried sour cherries 2 large handfuls, pitted and roughly chopped, coriander 1 small bunch, dill 1 small bunch, turmeric 2 tsp, ground cumin 2 tsp, garlic powder 2 tsp, ground cinnamon 1 tsp, sea salt 4 tsp crushed, plus extra to season the sauce, black pepper freshly ground and vegetable oil.

For the tomato sauce: plum tomatoes 700g, large garlic bulb 1, cloves bashed and peeled, turmeric 1 scant tsp , ground cumin 1 tsp , ground cinnamon ½ tsp , caster sugar 2 tsp and chopped tomatoes 400g can.