Matt Tebbutt Mexican-inspired mac and cheese with chipotle chillies recipe on Saturday Kitchen

Matt Tebbutt showcased a tasty Mexican-inspired mac and cheese with chipotle chillies on Saturday Kitchen.

The ingredients for the mac and cheese are: 85g unsalted butter, 3 garlic cloves, sliced, 75g plain flour, 750ml semi-skimmed milk, 250ml evaporated milk, 1 bay leaf, 150g Old Winchester cheese, grated, 150g raw cow’s milk mature cheddar, grated, 150g Cornish yarg cheese, grated, 500g macaroni, 3 dried chipotle chillies, rehydrated and chopped, 4 deep-fried shallots, to serve and 50g panko breadcrumbs, toasted, to serve.

For the garnish: 2 tsp picked oregano leaves, 2 tbsp pickled jalapeños, sliced, 1 red chillie, sliced and 3 pickled onions, sliced.

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