Lisa Goodwin-Allen scrumpy turbot with gooseberry and dill recipe on Sunday Brunch

Lisa Goodwin-Allen served up tasty scrumpy turbot with gooseberry and dill on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients are: 200g turbot fillet cut into 4 portions, 260g cider, 100g fécule, 100g gluten free self-raising flour and 100g Cornflour.

For the dill oil: 200g Dill picked, 400g Sunflower Oil and Salt.

for the pickled gooseberries: 50g Fresh Gooseberries, 20g sugar, 50g water and 40g white wine vinegar.

For the dill mayonnaise: 50g Good quality Mayonnaise, 20g crème fraiche, 1tspn Finely Chopped Dill, Squeeze of lemon juice and Pinch of salt.

For the cucumber, apple and caper tartar: 4tspn Apple finely diced, 4tspn Cucumber finely diced and 4tspn small Capers.

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