Matt Tebutt Paneer Cheese with Baked Rice recipe on Go Veggie and Vegan

Matt Tebutt served tasty up Butter Paneer with butter and Baked Rice on Go Veggie and Vegan.

The ingredients are: 200g white rice, washed, 400ml water, 1 tsp curry powder, salt, rapeseed oil, 250g paneer cheese, cubed, 1 onion, finely sliced, 3 cloves garlic, crushed, 1 green chilli, whole, 1 thumb ginger, finely grated, 1 tsp ground fenugreek, 1 tsp ground cardamom, 1 tbsp cumin powder, 1 tbsp garam masala, 1 tin tomatoes, 100g butter, 1 lemon, juice and 100ml double cream.

Garnish with: coriander, green chilli and extra double cream.

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