Nadiya Hussain Bombay burgers with nuts patty, red onion and lime pickle recipe on Nadiya’s Fast Flavours

Nadiya Hussain served up tasty Bombay vegetarian burgers with nuts patty, red onion, spicy cheese and lime pickle on Nadiya’s Fast Flavours.

The ingredients for the patties: 200g Bombay mix, plus extra for serving, 100g spicy coated chilli nuts, 300ml boiling water, 1½ tbsp chaat masala, 1 medium free-range egg, beaten, oil, for greasing the tray, 4 large red onion rings, about 5mm thick and pinch salt.

To serve: 4 spicy cheese slices, 4 brioche burger buns or mini naans, 4 tbsp mayonnaise and lime pickle.

See recipes by Nadiya in her book titled: Nadiya’s Fast Flavours available from Amazon now.

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