John Torode trout with pork crackling and potato chip recipe gets the sixth Invention Test of MasterChef 2014 on the way

Chef and MasterChef judge John Torode sets the standards on day 2 of the third week on MasterChef 2014 when the second six cooks face up to the sixth Invention Test of the series.

However, before the cooks get their hands on the ingredients to create a dish to impress, John takes on the challenge himself, showing the viewers at home just what is possible with the few good quality ingredients.

In two sealed boxes of ingredients – one sweet and one savoury, the cooks must choose the one they feel will give them the best chance to showcase their skills. The sweet ingredients include coconut, passion fruit, white rum, limes, pudding rice, freeze-dried raspberries, mint and mascarpone; while the savoury box contains trout, a pork chop, baby red peppers, mushrooms, butter beans, carrots, coriander, samphire, thyme, rocket and an apple.

Today John opts for the savoury box and serves up pan fried trout pork crackling potato chip and samphire with chilli dish.

For the amateur cooks, they have just one hour to cook a dish good enough to keep them in the competition. The two that produce the least impressive dish as judged by John Torode and Greg Wallace, will see their Masterchef experience cut short as they board the bus home.