The X Factor 2010: Young Harry Styles Put on a Stylish Performance at His Audition

16 year old student Harry Styles from Cheshire delivered an impressive performance of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ on the final day of The X Factor Auditions in Manchester.

Harry Styles

Harry was once the lead singer of a band made up of school friends. They entered a battle of the band competition in 2009 and came out victorious. That experience gave him the inspiration to apply for the X Factor this year.

Following his X Factor performance, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger gush: “I’m really glad we had the opportunity to hear you acapella. We could really hear how great your voice is. For 16 years old you have a beautiful voice.”

Louis Walsh wasn’t quite as curtain saying: “I agree with Nicole, however I think you’re so young, I don’t think you have enough experience or confidence yet.

Simon Cowell said: “Someone in the audience just said ‘rubbish’ and I totally agree with them. The show is designed to find someone like you, whether you’re 16, 17 it doesn’t matter. I think with a bit of vocal coaching you actually could be very good.”

Despite Louis Walsh giving Harry a thumbs down, a yes from Simon and Nicole was enough to see him through to the next round.

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8 thoughts on “The X Factor 2010: Young Harry Styles Put on a Stylish Performance at His Audition

  1. omg i think he is sooo good and btw im lovin the hair ;)i think one direction has a good chance of winnin if they get to the final i will vote for them :)x

  2. I love Harry and One Direction.. they should and will definately win the xfactor! Give me a call Harry 😉 X

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