The X Factor 2010: Diva Fever Went Down a Storm at the Manchester Auditions

Joseph and Craig, a student and a British Gas employee auditioned in Manchester as Diva Fever in front of judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and guest judge Nicole Scherzinger.

 Diva Fever

However, they got off on the wrong foot with Simon Cowell with their initial song, ‘Let It Be’ by the Beatles.

Simon stopped them at the beginning of the song and said:

“I honestly thought you guys were going to be more interesting than that.”

Craig then requested to sing their second song saying:

“Do you want a bit more of a show? How does Proud by Tina Turner sound? I’m singing for my life now as I ain’t having a no!”

Luckily for them their second song was much more lively and was a hit with the audience and judges. The boys even had Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger up off her seat and dancing!

At the end of their performance Simon said: “It was a lot better than the first song. I don’t think you guys are the best singers we’ve had, but you’re fun. “

Nicole commented: “I love that song. You got me up on my feet and moved me. I think you really have to think about what sort of song are going to match your image. It’s Diva Fever honey, I have to say yes.”

Louis’s final comment was: “There is something about you that I absolutely love….of course I’m going to say yes!”

Something tells me that these two will make to the live finals.