The X Factor 2010: Lewis Hamilton Look-alike Karl Brown Impressed At X FactorAuditions

19 year old Karl Brown delivered a good  performance at his X Factor audition that got him through to the next stage of the competition. However, his resemblance to formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton did not go unnoticed by Simon Cowell. 
Karl Brown
 Nicole Scherzinger girlfriend of Lewis Hamilton, blushed slightly when Simon brought the likeliness to her attention. She said “My boy friend will be watching this.” in hope that Simon’s line of questioning would move on to something else.

 However, it was not all good news for Karl on the night; Simon said although he looked and sounded great he did not think he was well prepared for the audition and he would need to put some work in if he his to succeed in the next round.

All will not be lost for Karl should he not make it as a singer. I am sure he could make a good living as a Lewis Hamilton stunt double.