Bosh Portuguese custard tarts recipe on Ainsley’s Food We Love

Bosh (Ian Theasby and Henry Firth), served up delicious vegan Portuguese custard tarts on Ainsley’s Food We Love.

The ingredients for the pastry: plant-based spread, for greasing, 1 x 320g sheet dairy-free puff pastry, 40g caster sugar(for browning) or demerara sugar(for sprinking).

For the filling: 1 small lemon, 1 x 300g pack silken tofu, drained, 160ml oat cream, 190g icing sugar, 2og cornflour, 4 tsp vanilla bean paste, 40g biscoff spread and 15g tahini.

See the recipe in Bosh’s book titled: BOSH! Healthy Vegan: Over 80 brand-new recipes with less fat, less sugar and more taste, from the 1 Sunday Times bestselling authors available from Amazon now.

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