Vegetarian Crisp Potato Salad (Karara aloo chaat) by Atul Kochhar and Fried tripe by Stephane Reynaud on Saturday Kitchen

Chefs Atul Kochhar and Stephane Reynaud joins James Martin in today’s Saturday Kitchen Live to serve up a couple of interesting dishes.

Indian chef Atul Kochhar makes a delicious looking vegetarian crisp potato salad (karara aloo chaat), that he says is a typical street food from the North of India. Atul is one of the most critically acclaimed chefs in Britain for his take on modern Indian cuisine.

French chef Stephane Reynaud serves up fried tripe (tablier de sapeur) for what reason I really don’t know! As James would say, this is “food of the devil.” Stéphane Reynaud is a French chef and cookery writer. Reynaud comes from a family of butchers and pig farmers in the Ardèche region of France. He is the owner and chef of restaurant Villa 9 Trois in Montreuil, in the Eastern suburbs of Paris.