Prue Leith raspberry blancmange recipe on the Great British Bake Off

Prue Leith showcased her raspberry blancmange and langues de chat biscuits on the Great British Bake Off 2018.

The ingredients are: 8 gelatine leaves, 750g raspberries, 50ml raspberry liqueur, 25g cornflour, 300ml whole milk, 150g caster sugar, 40g ground almonds, 1 tsp almond extract, 450ml double cream and crystallised rose petals, to decorate.

For the langues de chat: 40g unsalted butter, softened40g icing sugar, 1/4 tsp almond extract, 1 large egg white, 40g plain flour, pinch of salt, 150g good-quality white chocolate, melted and green cocoa butter .

See the recipe in Prue’s new book titled: Prue: My All-time Favourite Recipes availabke from Amazon now.