Cinnamon Square Bakery beat The Vintage Cake House Bakery and Victoria Bakery thanks to the Orange cake on Britain’s Best Bakery

Three bakeries from the Home Counties compete in the South East England heats of Britain’s Best bakery today were they were pushed to their limits by judges Mich Turner and Peter Sidwell.

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Cinnamon Square Bakery, The Vintage Cake House Bakery and Victoria Bakery took on the challenges of the Wild Card bake using orange and shortcrust pastry as the key ingredient in their bake, and the Bakers Dozen cottage rolls as well as showcasing their Speciality bakes to see who would move on to the regional finals.

For their Speciality Bake, Cinnamon Square Bakery showcased their cinnamon square Bun, The Vintage Cake House showcased their rose cake and Victoria Bakery showcased their bloomer bread.

For their Wild Card bake, Cinnamon Square made a wildcard orange cake, The Vintage Cake House made a spiced orange and cranberry meringue pie, while the Victoria Bakery made a chocolate & orange frangipane tart.

Cinnamon Square Wild Card Bake
Cinnamon Square Wild Card Bake

After a tough day in the kitchen, it was Cinnamon Square Bakery that the judges declared the winner of today’s heat. Their Wild Card bake excited the judges and it won them a place in the regional finals.