Simon Rimmer Cajun Shrimp Salad with pink pickled onions recipe

Simon Rimmer served up tasty Cajun spice prawns with salad and pink pickled onions on Sunday Brunch.

The ingredients for the pink pickled onions are: 1 red onions, finely sliced, 1 tsp dried oregano, 50 whole black peppercorns, juice 2 limes, juice 1 orange, 1 tsp salt and 150g tinned corn, drained.

For the prawns are: 6 king prawns, peeled, but tail piece left on, 150g cornflour, oil to fry (wok), 2 cloves sliced garlic, 1 very finely diced shallot, 1 sliced red chillies, 3 sliced spring onions and zest and juice 1 lime.

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