Roast Turkey Breast stuffed with mincemeat by Bryan Turner on Christmas Kitchen with James Martin

Bryan Turner serves up a roast breast of turkey with mincemeat and cinnamon apple for his seventh recipe of his ten dishes turkey challenge on Christmas Kitchen with James martin.

To make his dish, Bryan preheats his oven to 220C.

To prepare the turkey, he releases the skin from the breast of the turkey from one side.

He then smears the breast meat evenly with mincemeat then pulled the skin back over, after which he ties the turkey with a string to hold it all together and rubbed the skin with 25g of the butter.

Bryan puts the carrots and onions into a roasting dish and laid the turkey on top, skin-side up before adding 125ml of white wine and 250ml chicken stock to come halfway up the turkey breast.

He roast the bird for about 60 minutes until cooked (times will vary for different size breasts).

Bryan then heats 25g of butter in a roasting tray on the hob and fried the apples, to colour them. He turns them over and sprinkled with cinnamon and roast in the oven with the turkey until soft.

When the turkey is cooked, he removed it from the oven and left it to rest in a warm place.

He finishes off by pouring the cooking liquor from the roasting try into a pan and the boiled to reduce it in volume to a thick sauce. He seasons it with salt and pepper and added in 50g of cold butter with some parsley.