Wolfgang Puck strawberries with an a-list twist recipe on This Morning

Wolfgang Puck served up a souffle pancake with strawberry sauce dessert with an a-list twist on This Morning.

the ingredients for the strawberry sauce are: 960g strawberries, hulled and quartered, 180g sugar, 115g water, 180g orange juice, from 3 medium oranges, 1 star anise and 15g grand marnier.

For the souffle pancakes: 60g butter, softened, 100g sugar, plus additional for dusting the pans, 4 egg yolks, at room temperature, 115g fromage blanc, 170g crème fraiche, 30g dark rum, 90g all purpose flour, 60g golden raisins (plumped in 60g white wine), 240g/8 large egg whites, ½ tsp cream of tartar and 60g icing sugar for dusting.