The Great British Bake Off 2013: Mary Berry’s Charlotte Royale recipe

We are now down to the final four contestants in this season Bake Off competition and Mary and Paul will be looking for perfection in all that they do tonight if they are to book a place in the final.

Mary berry charlotte royale

The technical challenge is one of Mary’s recipes, and as it is a French themed semi-final, the contestants were set the task of baking a Charlotte Royale, a very French desert.

Charlotte Royale is made up of slices of jam Swiss roll pressed against the side of a bowl, filled with custard.

Baking Tips

The Custard must be cooked to the correct consistency (fairly thick) otherwise the whole thing will collapse.

Don’t boil the jam mixture too long otherwise you will end up with a toffee-like texture which you will not be able to use.

When making the Swiss Rolls sponge, the eggs and sugar should be whisked together before adding the flour.

Make sure the Swiss Rolls are cooled before using them to line the bowl, but to make the bake come out of the nowl easily it is best to line it first with cling film.

The Swiss Rolls should be rolled tightly to get the best presentation.

One of the trickiest parts of the bake, is making the Bavarois – Bavarois is the French name for Bavarian cream, it is a delicate cream dessert with a Crème Anglaise base, and then aerated with whipped cream or yogurt, egg whites and various flavourings such as fruit purée, chocolate, coffee, or liqueurs before being set in the refrigerator with gelatin.

Contestants Bakes

charlotte royale contestant bakes

Mary and Paul like Frances’ but the roll is too loose. Kimberley’s done everything perfectly. Beca’s fruit is unevenly distributed. Paul says Ruby’s one has “issues”. Her roll is small, the mouse is solid.

Ruby finished in last place, Beca is third, Frances in second. And of course perfect Kimberley with her perfect bake is first.

Charlotte Royale Ingredients and Baking Method