Katie Hopkins attack JK Rowlings for being proud of being a single mum on benefits

Out spoken Apprentice star Katie Hopkins, has hit out at JK Rowlings after the best-selling author confessed that she was a single mum when writing the Harry Potter novels and being a single mum is the thing she is most proud of in her life.

katie hopkins on jk rowlings

The controversial business woman who recently angered some parents when she said it was ‘OK to miss your child’s birthday‘, spoke today on BBC radio about the authors coments on being a single mum. She said:

“For goodness sake, I don’t buy it one bit. I don’t buy that the thing this lady who is a global phenomenon, who is able to write like none other, who has adults and children compelled to stand and listen to her every word she speaks, writes or utters. The thing she is most proud off is the time she spent alone at home struggling with her children. I just don’t buy that.”

“The Lib Dems also say a lot of things they think people want to hear. It is rather like the changing room were a large lady comes out looking terrible in her dress, and the changing room assistance says, you look lovely in that, it is really slimming.”

“It is saying stuff that people want to hear, and single mums love to hear that they are the heroes of our society and they should stand up and be proud. But actually, what I find at the school gate, is that single mums are frankly a pain in the ass. They don’t turn up on time, they don’t act responsible for their children, they are often a drain on the welfare state, and I don’t have much time for them at all.”

When asked about the struggle that JK Rowlings had as a single mum, not least facing Katie’s kind of prejudice, and bringing up her child and coming through it, and that’s the thing she is most proud off.

Katie replied:  “Spear me the oestrogen tears. I was a single mother with two small children under the age of two when my husband ran off with his secretary. I don’t really blame him, she was quite good looking, but the point is, because I was a single mum I cracked on. I cracked on in the work place and I got on with it. I never blame a thing on being a single mum; I find after the event when these women become famous,that’s when they choose to talk loudly about the fact that they were a proud single mum.”

“I think JK Rowling is most proud of the last think she has done in her life, rather than what she did in her former years”.