The Great British Bake Off 2013: Ali’s Rose and Pistachios cake recipe

ali the great british bake off

Ali Imdad made a great first impression this week with his Rose and Pistachios cake.

The 25 year old from Birmingham, has been baking for four years and is the only one in his family who bakes.

Ali loves to combine flavours that reflect his travels and his culture, pushing himself to invent new baking hybrids. His favourite thing to bake is a white chocolate crème brulee tart.

However, his Rose and Pistachios cake got a big thumbs up from the Bake Off judges.

ali rose and pistachio cake

The cake Ingredients Includes: Unsalted butter, White caster sugar, Rose water, eggs, Wheat flour, Baking powder and Salt.

The Filling consist of: Sugar, Chopped Pistachios, Butter, Icing Sugar, Rose Water, Crystallised Rose Petals and Lychee Purée.