Luisa Zissman taste in Hats and all things Fashion proved a real test in Spitalfields Market and a Shoreditch shop on The Apprentice 2013

Lord Sugar pitched the boys against the girls once again this series in a business trading task that test the candidates ability to create and make a successful business in a small space of time.

On the first day of the task, each team is given £150 to buy stock to sell from a stall at Spitalfields Market in London. They must then reinvest their profits in new stock to fill a shop in Shoreditch for the second day of selling.

Luisa is full of confidence that the girls’ team will be victorious, stating: “We have so totally something to prove to those stupid boys. They’ve got Myles, boring. Jordan hasn’t really sold that much. And Neil is really strong but [on] sales, we’re stronger.”

On Endeavour, Myles is selected to lead the team for a second time while over on team Evolve, Leah and Luisa both volunteer to take the role of Project Manager, but Francesca decides to opt for Luisa due to her experience running her own retail businesses.

The girls quickly decide to stock their stall with fashion items, while the boys find it difficult to make a choice about which type of products to buy.

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Both teams take different approaches to stocking their market stall and choosing product lines. Luisa and her team goes for the “stack it high, sell it cheap” approach. While Myles and Neil, who buy just 16 items to sell, believe that higher-end home ware will bring in the biggest return.