Who are the finalist on Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge?

Chef Tom Kerridge met 28 food producers over several weeks as they pitched the main product of their fledgling businesses to the jduges in an attempt to earn the title of best up-and-coming artisan producer.

Judges Alison Swan Parente and Nisha Katona visited the food producers at home to see how well their product is made, and decide how well they promoted and sold their item in a village shop in Yorkshire Dales.

The producer in each category that made it to the final are:

Angelika Searle with her pretzels in the Baked Goods category,
Elizabeth and Shirley in the Drinks category,
Alanagh and Ilse in the Meats category,
Beatriz with her paella in a bottle sauce in the Sauce category
Wajeeha in the Sweets category,
Gillian goat’s cheese in the Cheese category,
Pam and Emily with their runner bean chutney in preserves, pickles and spreads category.

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