Tom Daley in Cake Bake-off Competition

tom daley's baking competition
British Olympics Diver Tom Daley is one of the country’s best known sports personality and it would seem that the diver cannot resist a competition. This time he is not competing jumping off a high board, but competing in the kitchen with a baking tray.

The star of Splash is giving The Great British Bakeoff a run for its money by competing with friends in an online competition to see which team can produce the best cake.

How moist will Tom’s cake be? Find out in the videos below:

Bake off!!! Progress…..with @DannyABates and @96Frankie96 :)

Apr 3, 2013| Source:

More progress….

Apr 3, 2013| Source:

The end result ;)

Apr 3, 2013| Source:

Here is the finished project!! @dannyabates @96frankie96 …”everyone loves a bit of moist cake” ;)

Apr 3, 2013| Source:

Tom Daley’s Car cake in Picture:

tom daleys cake

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