Television Presenter Emma Willis on women’s rights to show their boobs

Emma Willis, the presenter of Channel 5 Big Brother and ITV This Morning Hub, has hit out on critics that have a go at women for displaying their boobs in public.

emma willis on boobs

Her comments came after fellow presenter Holly Willboughby was criticized for wearing a revealing dress that showed her cleavage on The Voice UK final this year.

37-year-old Willis took to twitter to ask the question as to why the BBC had to apologised for showing cleavage. She tweeted:

‘Why has #bbc apologised for showing cleavage! Why should women apologise for having boobs that feed babies! #arewebackintheVictorianEra?’

Willis who fronts the Channel 5 Big Brother series this year replacing Brian Dowling who held the post for two years, may have struck a chord with many young people in society today. But it strikes me that she will have upset those who look at it from a religious perspective and many from an older generation who were brought up to dress in a certain way.

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Emma Willis

Picture of Emma Willis at Listal

4 thoughts on “Television Presenter Emma Willis on women’s rights to show their boobs

  1. It is silly to make the display of breasts a question of women’s rights or to do with having breasts for feeding babies. It is an overt sexual display in the case of dressing up or down (!) on television and as such is subject to decorum and taste, as is anyone’s dress in such a context. What would people say if a male television presenter appeared in a shirt slashed to the waist or with some other male-only overt sexual display? Would it be touted as a matter of his rights? Or would people say it was poor judgement and poor taste and an attempt to appear sexy or to titillate?

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