Milkybar giant penis shape gives lawyer a big surprise during the World Cup final

A lawyer got more than he bargained for when he purchased a Milkybar and took a bite out of it while watching the World Cup final.


The imprint on the bar left him in no doubt what the shape represented. However, from the manufacturer point of view it was meant to be an upside down horse head, but the lawyer believes it is inappropriate for children.

The lawyer told Metro:

What on earth is a penis doing on a kids’ chocolate bar? There’s no point denying what it looks like. It is obvious – we can all see it.

‘I’m normally a Cadbury man but I decided to give the Milkybar a go and look what happened.

‘It’s a completely inappropriate picture. The penis in question is even bigger than the child – surely the people making the bar can see what it looks like.

‘I still ate it but I was a little put off. I don’t understand why it is there.’


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