Masterchef The Professional 2014 will be the first Masterchef series to start without Michel Roux Jr

Michel Roux Jr has today quit the Masterchef The Professional series on the day that applications for Masterchef The Professional 2014 were invited.

The Mirror reports that the French Michelin-starred chef decided to leave the show after he was banned from fronting adverts by the BBC.

He told the paper that a compromise had been impossible to reach:

“It’s not for lack of trying, but sometimes negotiating with the BBC can be a frustrating process and there are times when I have wondered if the corporation understands the realities of today’s commercial world.”
He continued: “The BBC needs to recognise the value of the talent they work with, and also, that whilst we love to be associated with top quality television, we have other professional commitments that are as important to us as programme-making.”

Applicants are currently being invited to apply for the seventh series of the show that is expected to air in the autumn.

The competition is open to any aspiring UK chef who has worked in a professional kitchen for at least two years and/or has the necessary NVQ qualifications. They must also be aged at least 20 on Thursday 1 May 2014 to qualify.

The new series will be the first since Masterchef The Professionals began 2008 to start without Michel Roux Jr.

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