How did Troy the magician from E4 put Phillip Schofield face on a ten pound not live on This Morning?

Troy, the young magician from E4, pop into the ITV This Morning studios to do an interview with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby about his hit E4 show, but at the end of his interview he pulled of yet another amazing trick.

The young magician managed to imprint the face of presenter Phillip Schofield on a ten pound note where the face of the queen should have been.

The ten pound was presented to him by Philip who signed it before handing it to Troy in order to make sure he was getting his original note back. Needless to say, everyone who say his trick is now asking the same question, how did he do that?

24-year-old Troy Von Scheibner is of German and Jamaican heritage and grew up in South London. At the age of 13 he decided to join The Young Magicians Club, where later he was awarded “young close-up magician of the year” aged only 15.

Today, he told Holly and Phillip how he encountered racism on a visit to Germany when visiting his cousin. Fearing the worst and encouraged by his cousin, he showed the raciest gang a pit of magic and that got them on side long enough for him to make an hasty retreat.

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