Luisa Zissman talks about money and nude photo shoots with money saving expert Martin Lewis on This Morning

Lusia Zissman talks about her financial affairs with money saving expert Martin Lewis in his Money Vault interrogation chamber on ITV This Morning.


The Apprentice star and former Celebrity Big Brother housemate, gave Martin an insight to her financial affairs by revealing clues in answering questions such as:

What does Lusia Zissiman spend your money on?
Lusia’s Answer: Cars and shoes.

How many cars does Lusia Zissiman have?
Lusia’s Answer: I own 4 cars including a Ferrari.

What is the most expensive thing in your wardrobe?

Lusia’s Answer: I would say my shoes.

How Many pairs of shoes does Lusia Zissiman have and what are their value?
Lusia’s Answer: I have round 250 pairs of shoes. 50 cheap pairs worth about £100 each, another 50 worth about £400 each. Then there are the more expensive ones worth between £1,600 and £2,500 each.

Martin: Based on that, I put the value of your shoes stock at £48,000.

How much does a post Big Brother photo-shoot pay?
Lusia’ s Answer: It depends how much cloth I have got on, but I could get about £20,000 for a lads mag shoot.

If Playboy came knocking and wanted to do a nude photo-shoot, how much would you be paid?
Lusia’s Answer: I quite like Playboy, but I am not sure I would do a fully nude photo shoot. However, I guess everyone has their price.

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