Brazil’s World Cup Squad to play sexy football with star names like Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Willian, Oscar and Neymar

With most of the Brazilian team playing club football outside of Brazil over the past decade, we have seen their style of football slowly but surely converge to a more European style of play.

However, the samba boys have their roots in what someone once called ‘sexy football’, playing with flair and freedom. This is the style of football all of Brazil wants to see and so do we.

Some of the star names more renowned for this type of play than others, but when the team kick of their 2014 world cup bid against Croatia, the Brazilian nation will not only be looking for victory, but also a style of play they can be proud off.


1 Jefferson
12 Julio César
22 Victor

2 Dani Alves
3 Thiago Silva
4 David Luiz
6 Marcelo
13 Dante
14 Maxwell
15 Henrique
23 Maicon

5 Fernandinho
8 Paulinho
11 Oscar
16 Ramires
17 Luiz Gustavo
18 Hernanes
19 Willian
20 Bernard

7 Hulk
9 Fred
10 Neymar
21 Jô

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