Jake Hayman and Joe Kenyon from Frame Again rejects Peter Jones job Offer in the Dragon’s Den

Jake Hayman and Joe Kenyon are two young entrepreneurs that came into the Dragon’s Den looking for investment for their selfie framing online business, but were offered a job instead by Peter Jones.

The pair hoped to capitalise on the deluge of photos flooding the web on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter by offering a photo framing service specifically targeted at young people that allows them to customise the look and feel of their frames via their easy-to-use website.

After making their pitch, all but one Dragon was prepared to make them an offer, but it was not the offer they expected.

Peter Jones, the owner of photography giant Jessops, is perfectly suited to partner the duo. However, Peter declined to offer them the investment they required, but offered to buy the pair out completely for £60,000 and offered them both a full-time job at Jessops developing their business as a subsidiary of the larger brand.

It was an astonishing development, and the entrepreneurs were clearly taken aback by what was a Dragons’ Den first.

After some deliberation, Jake and Joe turned down the offer, telling Jones they would be back in a few years to sell their business to him at a much higher price.


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