Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik cautioned by police in Australia

Australian police has issued a warning to One Direction after an incident in Perth last night.

One Direction australia

According to reports, the boyband arrived in Perth late yesterday for the next stage of their Australian tour, and their entourage ran three red lights in a bid to lose fans who were following in cars on their way to their hotel.

As they left the airport, the boy’s drivers and security team became involved in a strange chase, all the way to the Crown Casino hotel in Burswood.

One fan told The Daily Telegraph:

“It was the whole Princess Di thing….I was wondering what was going to happen.

“Everyone was speeding and running red lights except us and one other car because my friend’s Mum was driving.

“She was like having a nervous breakdown.”

The chase came to an end when the vehicles all stopped at a petrol station, six burly security guards emerged from the vans, made their way to fans’ cars and issued stark warnings to their occupants.

One guard leaned into the cars, took pictures of the fans, then snapped their number plates and vehicles, aggressively demanding that they stop following the band.

“They were just rude,” one fan insisted.

“I didn’t expect that sort of behaviour.

“That’s just not right that they’re guests in our country and they can treat us like this.”

Perth police told the X Factor stars that they can’t break the law when it comes to road safety:

“It’s an operational matter for police but I would encourage One Direction to pull their head in in Western Australia and set an example for their predominantly young fans.

“It’s a clear message for everyone who uses our roads. We have really strong legislation in this state and that applies to everybody who visits here.

“We extend a warm welcome but when you’re here we expect you to apply the same standards that we apply to our community.”

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