Glen Etive Scotland attracts wealthy tourist for the James Bond Holiday Experience on the back of the 007 Sky Fall movie

The Holiday show this week looks at the trail of 007 to find out why rich Russians, Chinese and Brazilians are choosing the highlife in the Scottish Highlands.

Anna Holligan discovered that Glen Etive in Scotland where the final scenes in the James Bond movie Sky Fall was filmed, has become somewhat of a tourist attraction following the success of the movie.

Now tourist can hire an Austin Martin and drive through the stunning landscape of Glen Etive to take in some of the 007 experience.

Bond’s iconic Scottish links are now the centre of a new drive to encourage tourists from countries like Russia to visit the country.

Russia has been the inspiration for famous 007 villains such as Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love and Alan Cumming’s Boris Grishenko in GoldenEye.

Many of the stories have also been set during the Cold War and the later collapse of the Soviet Union and these are some of the reasons why Russian are particularly interested to visit Scotland.


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