Gadget Man Staycation gadgets reveals the world’s tiniest caravan, 360 degree cameras and 300-litre rucksacks

Gadget Man Richard Ayoade this week seeks out Staycation gadgets that includes the world’s tiniest caravan and 360 degree cameras, 300-litre rucksacks and a pair of trousers that transform into a picnic table.

The full list of staycation gadgets featured: The Netatmo Urban Weather Station, Watershed Kodiak Pack, Brunton Hydrogen Reactor, HASE Pino Allround Half Recumbent Tandem, QTvan, GIZMON iCA5 iPhone Case, DICE+, BeeWi Kick Bee Bluetooth Mini Robot, PowerUp 3.0, Sphero 2.0, Sony DEV-50 Binoculars, Panoramic Pod, Ricoh Theta, Phantom DJI 2 Vision+, REMEE Dream Controlling Mask, HoodiePillow Hooded Pillowcase, Tripbuddy, ComplEAT FoodSkin, Pappami, The Cookie Catcher, Kelty Pocket Picnic, PicNic Pants, Cynaps Bluetooth Bone Conduction Hat, Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam, Alter G Bionic Leg and a Samsung NX Rover Project.

With the combined horror of picnics, days out and bracing walks in the countryside looming, Richard turns to comedian Phill Jupitus to hold his hand through this ‘trial by leisure’.

gadget man 2

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