Alison Hammond cooks at home for Kristie, Judd, Ali and Steve on Who’s Doing The Dishes?

Alison Hammond from ITV This Morning, who is set to appear on Strictly Come Dancing, cooks at home for four strangers – Kristie, Judd, Ali and Steve – on Who’s Doing The Dishes? hosted by Ban McFadden.


This larger than life personality from Birmingham has Brian in fits of laughter and dancing around the kitchen. With rum cocktails and a last minute dash to Mum’s for dessert, Alison keep Brian on his toes.

In this cooking game show the four diners must try to guess the identity of their mystery celebrity host who is holding the dinner party. Their aim is to win the £500 cash prize on offer, while Alison tries a few tricks to avoid having to wash up the dishes and let her dinner guest do them instead.

Her dinner guests are police officer Steve, child-minder Ali, Tennis pro Judd and fitness fanatic Kristie.

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