Escape To The Continent: Anita Rani visits Umbria in Italy to house hunt for a property for a couple from Scotland

Anita Rani is in the stunning region of Umbria, Italy, looking for a property for newlyweds from Scotland on today’s episode of Escape to the Continent.


Stuart and Ruth are searching for a home where they can live and work on a budget of £250,000.

Umbra is one of the smaller regions of Italy. It has no large cities and a total population of less than a million but contains some of the most beautiful agricultural land and fascinating small towns in all of Italy.

The region is known as Italy’s green heart, and is a land unto itself, the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. Removed from outside influences, it has kept alive many of Italy’s old-world traditions.

The region is also known for it food, with the rich earthiness of the tartufo (truffle), fine cured meats from Norcia and full-bodied local wines delivering unbelievable flavours.

The average price of a home in Italy is about £144,000 which is a £100,000 cheaper that in the UK. However, in Umbra properties sell for around 13% less than the asking price.

This week the wildcard house was the property the couple loved the most. It is a three story semi-detached property with 4 bedrooms and was on the market at £153,000 located near the small town of Sant’ Arcangelo on lake Trasimeno. However, although it was competitively priced, is in need of some renovation.

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