Dr Dawn Harper from ITV This Morning looks at Celebrity Dieting plans: Paleo Diet, 5 2 Diet, Alkaline diet and Mono meals

ITV This Morning resident GP, Dr Dawn Harper, gives some practical advice on a number of fashionable celebrity dieting approaches.

On the show Phillip and Christine started by asking about reported claims on sugar levels being more addictive than cigarettes.

Dr Dawn said: “The world health organisation recommends that we don’t eat more than 10 teaspoons full of sugar a day. What they are really talking about is that we are all eating more sugars than we realize. A teaspoon of sugar is around 4 grams so you need to check labels on all food products before you buy.”

On the basics of the Breatharian Diet – which suggests just living on fresh air and sunshine.

Dr Dawn says: “Most people can live for about 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and about 3 weeks without food.
If you give up eating and drinking completely you won’t be long for this world!”

On the Paleo die (sometimes referred to as the Caveman diet) and the popular 5:2 dieting plan. Dr Dawn said recent studies suggest that there are some benefits to be gained from these diet plans.

Mono meals, which advises only one type of fruit and vegetables be consumed per meal, was discussed next.

Dr Dawn said: “We say five portions of fruit and veg a day and many would argue that it should be nearer ten.
“But we speak about a balanced diet for a reason. If you stick with this for long, you’ll be in trouble.”

And finally, the Alkaline diet and the theory behind this is scientists say we metabolise alkaline foods easier.

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